Saturday, 9 March 2013

How to Update your Google+ Cover Photo

 Google Pic 8
Here we go again – you need to update your Google cover photo - yet another important social media update that could be all too easy to forget, just in case you signed up to Google+ a while back and haven’t done much there since and even though you’ll be there now by default if you have a Google account such as YouTube, Gmail or for any other Google service. 

Google+ unique visitor numbers are on the rise and there’s little doubt about Google’s determination to make Google+ a success – and it will most likely succeed, anyone else would have given up by now.  So even though you may be hot on Facebook you should be prepared for this one as well.

Anyway, back to the latest Google+ update – you almost certainly are on Google+ with a huge (think vast) image space surrounding your small profile picture.  It’s time to get on to photoshop, or get someone to help, to design you a Google cover photo which measures 2120 x 1190 – yes you heard that right, and be careful when you’re setting it up as you need to keep your main content fairly central so that it shows in all browsers.

There are some templates you can upload to help you with this but be very careful you don’t get any extraneous software with them – I preferred to create my Google cover photo from scratch and then adjust the size of the central part via trial and error.  Once you’ve uploaded your photo you can adjust the crop as many times as you want to.  Make sure you leave un-busy space at the foot for your profile pictures and strapline and check that your main image details are central.

You can make your Google cover pic as simple or as complicated as you want, I’m still playing with mine.  Better get started now………….

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