Thursday, 7 March 2013

If you do One Thing to your Website Today–Check your Alt Tags

Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange, Eucalyptus & Sage Body LotionAlt tags carry less weight than they used to with regards to getting your site indexed by Google, Yahoo etc, however they are still important, and if your images fall into one of the following two categories:
No Alt Tags
Keyword Stuffed Alt Tags

Then you need to take action, as either of these will affect your rankings.

With the emphasis on SEO now of relevancy and conciseness, it’s important to make sure that every one of your images has an Alt tag that matches the image it is attached to, and makes reading your website easier for those who are using browsers to help them if they are visually or hearing impaired.  Or for those who do not download all your images – they will still have an accurate definition of what your image is about and then choose to download or otherwise.

In the case of keyword stuffed Alt tags these need to edited down to a single, relevant keyword or phrase as otherwise your tags may be treated as spam and this can adversely affect your ranking in search.

The main message is the same as for all SEO

That what you did last year, pre the Google updates, will not help you now, and may have the opposite effect.

That you need relevancy and readability for all your tags, be they title tags or Alt tags.

That you will be penalised for keyword stuffing. Anywhere.

That the longer you take to update your SEO the further down the rankings you may fall.
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