Sunday, 24 March 2013

Link Within – The Simple Way to Link to Past Posts and Increase Engagement

Link Within
Link Within is a simple widget to add to your blog that indexes your posts and then adds links and images to related posts at the foot of each post, adding more interest and engagement.

It’s incredibly easy to add to your blog, just use their form to input your email address, blog URL, blog platform and the number of posts you want Link Within to find, click on ‘Get Widget’ and Link Within will automatically take you through to your blog platform so that you can install the widget.
Web Hints Linked Within
One thing I would recommend, if you have posts in your blog history that are totally out of date, or that you don’t want to show to anyone again, you’ll need to delete these so they don’t unexpectedly appear.

There is, of course, the other way of doing this via links which you select yourself, but Link Within is much the quickest option.  Once installed you can forget all about it and get on with writing your next post.  I’ve installed Link Within at both and

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