Wednesday, 10 April 2013

3 Quick Steps to Updating your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn matters.  As a way of finding business and connecting with others in your own and associated businesses LinkedIn offers you, free of charge, the opportunity of putting yourself ‘out there’ on the web.

As with everything online this has pros and cons.  Use LinkedIn properly and it will work endlessly on your behalf.  Set up your profile half-heartedly and it can work against you, as you can either appear to not know what you’re doing in this online world, seem unprofessional, or look as if you just can’t be bothered, in which case why should people bother to connect to you?

1.   Get your picture up there.  If you don’t have a picture on LinkedIn people will wonder why?  We place so much importance on how a person appears that to not have a picture will stop people inviting you to connect.  Make sure that your picture is not a daft Facebook-friendly ‘hi family and friends’ pic, but something that although it doesn’t have to be you in a suit, looks intelligent, friendly and approachable. 

Forget thinking ‘I’m not photogenic’, ‘I hate all pictures of me’ and put one up there.

2.    Complete your headline area properly and make it look interesting.  Use short phrases, preferably keyword researched.  Don’t let it look sparse.  You’re there for a reason, to tell people about you, so do.

3.    Write a summary about who you are and what you’ve done and again make it interesting.  Two paragraphs preferably.   This doesn’t have to take long, and if you’re not sure about what you’ve written get someone else to read it through, but make sure that your summary area is completed.

Next you want to turn to your work experience.  Don’t just include a headline and dates.  Fill it out.  Check back each month and see if there’s anything new to add.  More about this later.

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