Monday, 29 April 2013

5 Tips for Successful Upselling to your Online Customers

‘If you like this you’ll love that’, how many times have you heard that?  Now it’s the norm when you’re looking at a product online to be offered several others.  But how much thought has gone into what appears on the page will determine if you’re likely to increase the basket size by enticing your customer to buy more.

Large online businesses use recommendation systems to increase their shopping baskets by between 10 and 30%, matchmaking customers’ attributes such as previous browsing history and historical purchases to find other ‘likeminded’ products.   However if you’re not in the market for one of those the easier way is to use the upselling, or ‘related products’ tools that come with most platforms.  It’s too easy to overlook these with the amount of work that managing a website brings, or not not even realise that they’re there.

When choosing products for upselling, don’t imaging for a moment that random products will work.  Spend a little time looking at what customers who bought a specific product have also bought from you in the past.
Look at the product they did purchase from you, if they went for one style or type, and focus in on that, recommending other items of the same genre or accessories to go with.  Don’t be tempted to offer them something entirely different.  It is so much less likely to be successful.

Choose products that will work with what has been put in that shopping basket.  If it’s a dress they’ve bought from you then consider offering the shoes, bag and jewellery that will style in well to create a complete look.

Make an offer if a customer purchases a set – maybe a discount for two products along the same lines or more, or ‘buy one get another for half price’ (or 15% off, or whatever discount you choose).

Show what other customers have bought who have bought that product – again this needs to be based on what will really go with the purchase and with what has been bought as an add on historically. 

Upselling is intuitive marketing whatever size business you run and can reap £££££ in extra business.  Use the upselling tools at your disposal, and your own knowledge of your customer and your products to get the message across that there are benefits for your customers by using your experience, or taking advantage of your offers, in adding to their shopping baskets. 

For a little extra work, upselling is a technique all businesses should be taking advantage of.

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