Monday, 8 April 2013

Some Typos are Worse than Others………

We all make typos.  There’ll probably be one somewhere in this post, however there is one typo (and yes I just spotted it in a Tweet) that is so obvious but appears so frequently that I had to write about it……….. again. 

‘You’re’ and ‘your’ have totally different meanings.  You may think they look the same, but when someone is reading something you have written and you have used the wrong one it will, to many, stand out a mile.

’You’re’ means ‘you are’.  - for example ‘you’re totally wrong’, ‘you’re about to miss your train’.
’Your’ means appertaining to you – for example ‘your coat’, ‘your tickets’ etc

This is one to concentrate on as, as I said, it stands out a mile.  Personally I think the days when typos in blog posts and tweets etc were accepted (if they ever were) are long gone.  Those who read and edit and think and write decent English will do far better than those who don’t bother.

It is impossible to get it right all of the time.  However slowing down will help and we do everything online far too fast these days, at least I know I do.

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