Thursday, 9 May 2013

Alt Tags and How to Write Them–SEO Tips

Alt Tags for ImagesAlt tags matter, and I’m always amazed at how many websites have not given their image alt tags the attention they deserve and are therefore losing out on the extra search benefits they can bring.  Those benefits can make a big difference to the number of visitors to your website and making sure that all your alt tags are keyword rich and set up properly can only do you favours. 

I’ve written about this under SEO tips before but seeing so many websites that don’t have them set up made me realise that I should write a reminder.

Screen readers can’t understand images, and so if you’ve omitted to put your alt tags in place your images simply won’t show up in search, exactly where you want them to.

You may think, along with title tags, that alt tags are another time consuming effort (and you’d be correct), however there is absolutely no point in having a well designed website and not going down the full SEO journey.  I have had clients who have spent a fortune on Adwords without realising that SEO, whilst time consuming and sometimes costly if you need to pay for help, can generate far better results.  Organic search wins hands down over paid search, by a huge percentage, as much as 94% to 6% according to Econsultancy and so anything you can do to get yourself high up in the organic search rankings must pay off.

Image alt tags need to completed for all of your images (just as your title tags need to for all of your pages). 

They need to be relevant to the picture

Alt tags need to be unique

Do your keyword research and make sure they are keyword rich with your main keyword or key phrase at the front of the alt tag

Keep your alt tags short – just enough words to describe the image.

Don’t try and stuff your alt tags with keywords.  One main keyword or phrase will be stronger, keyword stuffing will lose you points.

Make sure that all of your alt tags are in place and showing properly on your website and they’ll help you more than you think.  They’re not rocket science, but they need to be done.

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