Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Content Marketing Strategy – The Art of Writing for Readers not Rankings

Patricia Davidson Your content marketing strategy should have changed radically over the past year, particularly if you were one of those employing cheap writers to write articles for you and then spread them over the web in ways you didn’t delve into too hard.

In case you haven’t gathered, Google doesn’t like that anymore for many reasons, most of all because most content creation was part of a marketing strategy to obtain backlinks for ranking purposes predominantly, and frequently didn’t benefit the reader that much.

With this turned on its head two things stand out – that from now on you have to write for your reader first, and SEO second, and that those who will succeed the best at this are those who can both write about your subject specifically, have a good working knowledge of SEO, and therefore an ability to write optimised content.

So Who Should be Writing your Content?

I read only last week but in an undated post, that you should ‘find a fella in India to do your article writing for you’, well nonsense to that.  You need people to write your blog posts, email newsletters and social media sharing posts who can understand your subject or product, write grammatically sound content, incorporate your keywords into the relevant content and craft pieces of 400 words plus that are attractive, interesting and useful to read for your market.  So cheap writers offering ridiculous prices per article have just fallen off the wall.

Those writers with value now to a successful content marketing strategy are those who can write quality content on niche subjects.  Make sure that you have one of those to hand in your niche as this is definitely going to be the trend going forwards.

Quality vs Quantity

Content Marketing Keyword Stuffing

Whereas previously it was considered an advantage to create a positive outpouring of content, dripping with keywords, and post it everywhere, now the only thing that matters is the quality of writing and publishing this relevant branded content via your own resources.  There’s no question that brands have now become publishers in their own right and the most successful brands have picked this up and are running with it. 

You’re not writing for search any more, but putting real people first.  Imaging you’re writing for someone specific and that what you’re writing matters, and you’ll get the drift.

Those who are still looking for cheap article writers are about to be left out in the cold and are obviously not keeping abreast of the new content marketing strategy rules.  These can benefit you, or work against you.  And if you’re wondering why you’ve suddenly slipped in the rankings you need to get up to date fast.

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