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How to Write a Blog – 5 Tips

How to Write a Blog - Blogging has become part of all good website managers and brand owners online strategy.  Why?  Because not only does blogging create constantly updated content which Google loves (and more about that) but more shareable content to drive traffic to your site.

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On the subject of Google let’s be clear – there’s no point in writing content of any sort, blogs or otherwise, that is not going to be of interest to your market.  Content needs to be well written, relevant to your potential and existing customer base and, most importantly, optimised for your market in a way that matches how you are being searched for.

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Blogging without optimisation is like shooting arrows with no target.  You may think you know how people are looking for you, but without the proper research, and then using that research to optimise your blog post for search you will be wasting your time.  You won’t be found on Google, and you’ll be losing the opportunity to capture the attention of your own market.

Here are 5 Tips on How to Write a Blog.

Make sure you know who you’re writing for – who is your customer, what are they looking for and what makes them buy from you?  Always keep your customer in mind when you write, and write for them.

Create a list of posts you’d like to write, or ideas you want to write about, and keep adding to it.  Sometimes something will flash into your brain and you’ll immediately put pen to paper (as it were).  Sometimes you’ll not be in the mood and it’s harder to get started.  With a list of ideas to be developed you’ll always have something waiting to fill the gap.

Do your keyword research – you cannot write an optimised blog post without doing your research.  Use the Google Keyword Tool and research your ideas to find out what words and phrases are being used.  Then use your main keyword or phrase (at the front) of your title, and heading, and several times throughout your post.  This post on Ways to Optimise your Blog Posts for SEO is well worth a read.

Keep your paragraphs short and interesting.  No one is going to read acres of content, so no matter now much you want to write make sure you’re interesting, useful to your target market, friendly and to the point. 

Keep up the Content – Set a target of the number of posts you want to write – be it daily, every other day or once a week and stick to it.  Using your blogging tools you can write posts in advance and set them up for publication.

Blogging can be hard work, but it shouldn’t be too arduous if you think ahead and keep your target market in your sights.  And the more you write the more you’ll be noticed.  Which is where you started out, after all.  Knowing how to write a blog the right way for both your market and search is just the start.
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