Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sales Forecast for Online Retailing – IMRG and Retail Research

I’m always looking for a clear sales forecast for online retailing, if only to convince those wedded to bricks and mortar that they should be making a move right now into the online sphere and those with poorly responding websites that they need to do something fast.  And yes there are still those out there, nothing like as many as there were, who have not yet taken the plunge, and there are still thousands of poorly responding websites, usually because of a combination of poor design, badly set up SEO limited or no content marketing and a poorly thought out product range.

In a nutshell, online retailing, according to IMRG, was up by 20% year on year in June.  This is the highest recorded rise since 2011, heralding more recovery to come, and with clothing and home and garden sectors seeing the strongest growth, 29% and 35% respectively.

Mobile shopping was up 136%, and mobile conversion rates increased from 1.37% to 2.03 in June 2013.  This is still behind the average desktop conversion percentage but obviously catching up.  Conversion rates from tablets are higher than those from smartphones. If you want to read a more in depth article about e-commerce conversion rates click through here to on E-Commerce Conversion Rates

Looking Forward to 2018
The Centre for Retail Research has published ‘Retail in 2018 – Shop Numbers, Online and The High Street’, forecasting that total store numbers will fall by 22% (which I suspect will surprise no one), and that by 2018, total online retail spend will be accounting for a huge 21.5% of total retail sales, up from 12.7% today.

If any of this needs to make you think, it’s obvious that those who are still lagging behind in this omni-channel marketing world need to get a move on.  Just going online isn’t enough, there’s a great deal to do to make a website work, but a usable, navigable site with a well thought out product range is a start.  After all, Christmas is practically tomorrow and the countdown has begun………….

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