Monday, 29 July 2013

The Changing Face of SEO - 4 Ways to Stop Wasting Your Time

SEO has changed a great deal in the past year.  You'll no doubt have heard over and over again that quality for your readers wins hands down over quantity.  That meta keywords don't count any more (actually they haven't for a while), that all of us have become publishers of content which will only work if it's relevant, interesting and attention grabbing to your market.  That over-use of keywords is a no-no.  That highly competitive keywords won't work well for you.  And content has always been king.

That's all very well, and it's been a lot to take in, however there are some SEO changes and activities it's well worth getting fully clued up about, and others to lose from the list. 

Some of the changing face of SEO works well in your favour, as you can cease some time consuming activities you may have been continuing with, and save money by not paying someone to do them for you: the best type of content is created either by you or by someone who really understands your business.

Article Marketing - Articles for the sake of getting content out there are no longer of value.  Article spinning is a total no.  So if anyone comes along and offers to write articles for you on any subject of your choice and get them spread around the web so you can be 'number 1 on Google' drop them from a great height and forget them.  What you want are well thought out intelligent articles posted to where they will be of interest.  That's all.

Directories - Most web directories were created just for link building.  They have little value any more, and can act against you if it's obvious that that is what they are (and you're there).  This is not the same as a directory or guide that contains websites (and links) of interest to a niche audience where content is added regularly. 

Comments on blog posts
- unless you have something really interesting to say forget about these.  And in any case don't try and use them to post links.  Most have woken up to that tactic and your comment will simply be deleted.  Better to use your profile and say something that others will want to read, you'll create far more interest that way.

Meta Keywords - Don't bother.  A web developer recent told me that he leaves the field in as 'clients expect to see it', giving them the opportunity to fill the space with duplicated keywords and phrases.  Not only will they for the most part be ignored, therefore wasting your time, but they can also be held against you as 'keyword stuffing'.  Wise up and leave the field blank.

The whole point of SEO today is quality vs quantity, readers vs rankings, and if you want your content to be considered by the search engines as anything other than spam you need to keep that in mind at all times when creating content for the web.

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