Monday, 15 July 2013

The Re-Order Revolution – 5 Ways to Get Customers Back Time and Time Again

Lenstore Contact Lenses There are some products, many, that are just one offs and that you wouldn’t think to re-order.  That new dress, garden furniture, food mixer, handbag etc.  You buy them once and don’t repeat.  You go on to something else.  Different.

Then there are those products that you buy or re-order regularly, certain foods, household goods, vacuum bags, contact lenses, bathroom staples.  You always order the same brand because you’re loyal to it.  You want the best price and a quick service.  And you want the whole process to be easy.  Ideally there would be a mechanism for taking the daily grind out of this.  And of course now there is.

One website that achieves this brilliantly is Lenstore.  For those who wear contact lenses, many of which now are daily or monthly lenses, you just want them on tap.  Some may order for six months at a time, and others month by month.  Lenstore makes it so easy you can re-order on a train journey, which I have done in the past (both one son and I wear daily lenses).

To get customers back time and time again Lenstore offers the following:

A very well designed and clear website.
Customer reviews
Two click re-ordering
Speedy delivery (next day as well as standard)
Reminder service

In the same way that you create your ‘favourites’ list at an online supermarket, you need to spend time at the start putting in your prescription.  But once you’ve done that you’re all set up to re-order.  And this company makes it a breeze, showing everyone else how to do it on the way, not necessarily with contact lenses, but with any other product you need to re-order regularly.

And not forgetting the all important follow-up:  If you haven’t ordered for a while they’ll also send you a discount or free delivery code as part of their content marketing strategy. 

If you’re an online retailer looking for ways to get the customer to return, and you have any products that fit into the re-order category, Lenstore is well worth taking a look at.

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