Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Writing a Blog – How Long Should Your Posts Be

Facebook 2012 Writing a blog is a time consuming exercise if it is done properly.  One of the things I notice on many retailers’ blog rolls is a series of very short posts, a picture with a headline maybe, which is not what writing a blog should be about.

So why are you writing?

A blog has one main focus, that of containing regularly updated, interesting and relevant content for your readership and customer base. 

The SEO element
However, as you want also to reap SEO benefits from your blog, you need to do your keyword research before starting to write, to ensure that your keywords and phrases are not just relevant in your mind but also being searched for. You can’t just sit down and write any old thing for the sake of it.  Or at least you can, but it probably won’t help you very much.

Some things are easier to write about at length than others, so of course some of your posts will be longer than others.  Some people will tell you that a minimum of 400 words is needed, but for what, precisely?  Basically your post should be a long as it needs to be to capture the interest of those you are writing for.  Too short and you quite possibly won’t get their attention.  Too long and they’ll have left you long before you’ll have finished unless you have a seriously devoted following.

Basic Recommendations for Writing a Blog

Concentrate on quality rather than quantity
Preferably make all your posts longer than 250 words. 
400 – 600 words is ideal
Make sure your post is broken down into digestible bites.
Use sub headings to break up your post
If you’re tempted to write a very long post, consider breaking it down into a series of shorter posts.

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