Thursday, 1 August 2013

3 Steps to Increase your Sales this Autumn

It seems to me that it’s much too early to start talking about increasing sales for Christmas, but let’s face it, that is what this is about, and if you don’t take these steps now you’ll be wondering why others are getting the orders and not you.

There’s no doubt that potential customers are becoming much more wary about who they buy from online particularly if you’re a first time buy.  Can they trust you?  Are they getting the best price?  How can they be sure you’ll deliver on time? 

The first of these is the one to get on to right away, that of establishing more trust with visitors to your website who may not have heard of you before.  You know you’re trustworthy, but how should they.

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I’ve listened over and over again to clients who have said ‘but we have some not so good reviews, can we leave those out?’ and ‘we don’t want to go to the expensive of adding review software to our website’.

Well the fact is that if you want those extra sales, you have to show what your customers think in some way shape or form.  It’s better if you can add software to your website which collects independent reviews, (look at Amazon, for example.  Don’t tell me you don’t read reviews before you buy – we’re all at it).  However if you’re a small retailer you can collect customer testimonials and make sure they’re clearly visible.  They’ll be read, trust me, and they’ll increase the trust people will have in you and encourage them to buy from you.

Lilia Nash Customer Review
Be prepared for those who will be thinking about, browsing for and looking for gift ideas early on.  Create a special landing page for those items that are most gift worthy.  You certainly shouldn’t call it ‘Christmas Gifts’ too early on as that may put people off, but there will be items you offer that are more suitable to be given as gifts than others, and you want to spend some time, whilst you have it, in collecting these together onto one page, which you can then optimise and draw people’s attention to.

Your Gifts landing page should have a wide range of products, broken down into segments as appropriate and depending on how many you have to offer.  Your lead in prices should not be too high, you don’t want the first thought of your visitors to be ‘everything here’s much too expensive’. 

Put some thought into this one now, and buy in some product if necessary to increase your range.  Gifts are very shortly going to be the main buy for most people and you want them to buy from you.

Be obvious with information about last posting dates and gift wrapping services.  You may think (again) that Christmas is months away, but in reality it is just round the corner and some overseas last posting dates occur in late September and October.  You want people to know that you are ready to offer the best services they can find anywhere to any destination in the world and you need to make that absolutely obvious from your home page. 

You would be amazed at how many don’t take advantage of these strong selling tools.  You will not only get customers encouraged to buy from you now, but they’ll come back to you and recommend you to others, recognising that you are a trustworthy service orientated, online business with a good choice of products and a wide range of products.

My advice?  Get on with it now.  It’s never too early and time has a habit of speeding up at this time of year.

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