Friday, 16 August 2013

Linkedin Endorsements – Valid or Valueless?

Linkedin Endorsements LinkedIn Endorsements – If you spend any time on LinkedIn you’ll have noticed over the past year that people who you may or may not know well are endorsing you for skills you may not even know you have (in which case, by the way, you can add those skills quickly to your profile without missing a beat).

According to LinkedIn, who launched the feature back in September 2012, (via Forbes) these are an incredibly popular feature generating many millions of endorsements, and they’re here to stay.

I have always thought LinkedIn an excellent resource, allowing you to have a permanent and regularly updated profile of who you are, what you do and what you have to offer so that people can make quick decisions about connecting to you and how useful or interesting you may be to them.

LinkedIn endorsements to me are at risk of being used as a shallow tool, whereby people who really don’t know what you do can get your attention by endorsing you for pretty much anything reasonably close to your skill-set (or otherwise).  Most who have been active on LinkedIn for a while have reached 100s of connections, and some of those will not be of value now if ever, but if they are a 1st Connection then they can visit your profile page and endorse you whether you’re in touch with them or not.

You can use endorsements for networking purposes and reciprocate, or you can hide them. They can be given mindlessly, or they can be in good faith, but as they are so easy to give it’s impossible to tell which is which, and any intelligent evaluator will discount them because of this.  They are, as has already been said, far too close to the Facebook ‘Like’.

It’s up to you, but as with everything on LinkedIn, because it is such a valuable and much used resource, and you never know who will be looking at your profile next, it’s a good idea to keep up to date and please, if you haven’t done so, put your picture up there………..

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