Monday, 9 September 2013

Find my Phone and 3 Other Essential Phone Security Measures

Mobile Phone Security FeatureA recent survey in the UK revealed that 42% have no active security measures on their mobile phones.  Those between 16 and 24 were four times more likely to lose their mobiles, but more likely also to have taken security precautions.  Of those between 55 and 64, 59% had no security measures in place.
You may well be switching off reading this right now, in the knowledge that you’ve done everything possible, however you, like me, may know someone who almost certainly hasn’t, so pass this along and then go back to the day job please.

There’s an obvious huge problem in losing your phone in that if it’s unprotected you may well lose not just your pictures and videos which you may or may not have backed up (!) but also have allowed those who shouldn’t have it access to your private or work emails, text messages, facebook page and twitter accounts.  Forget hacking……who needs it when this is all so easily attained?

The Metropolitan Police announced that ‘56,680 mobiles - 28,800 of those iPhones - were reported stolen in London between April and September last year.’  Read the rest of that piece here..

So…… what are the basic steps you can take to secure your phone and make it – if not impossible – much harder for your phone to be stolen or accessed?

Firstly enable auto lock –
This may sound obvious but a lot of people don’t do this.

Secondly passcode your phone.  It makes it much harder to access at least initially and will hopefully make someone move on from your phone to elsewhere.

Thirdly  back up everythingRegularly, pictures and videos that you have taken included.  Don’t wait until your phone is gone to discover that you’ve lost something really precious.  And see below for a great picture back-up tool.

Fourth install phone tracking software such as the app Find my Phone – which is available for both iPhone and Android devices from the App Store and Google Play.  So you can see exactly where you left your phone, in the house, in your car or elsewhere – or of someone else has it, where it is in real time. 

These apps also give you the facility to erase your phone content, if it’s fallen into unknown hands, and play a sound to help you locate it when it’s slipped down the side of the sofa and you’re in a panic that you left it on the bus.

You may of course be one of the 60% who have got all of this right already.  If not, do something now, before you have to start again with a new mobile phone, wondering who is doing what with the data on your old one, and at which point you will, undoubtedly, take these steps.

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