Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Mobile Go from Wondershare – When Did You Last Backup your Photos on your Smartphone?

Mobile Go You’re probably thinking ‘why would I need Mobile Go?’ I have iTunes to back up and sync my media.  But when was the last time you tried to back-up and edit your photos?  iTunes is great for music, movies and apps, but falls short when it comes to managing your photos and deleting from your camera roll. 

Most of us now use our smartphones to capture everything, from new baby moments to where we are and what we’re doing, the camera roll goes on growing and is the only thing about our phones that would really be lost in the event of damaging your phone or having it stolen. Phones are easily replaceable, memories are not.

Most are lazy when it comes to backing up – anything – from PC to smartphone, this read from Consumer Reports on smartphone security is quite frankly scary.  When it comes to precious photos this is a completely unnecessary risk, but one that you frequently don’t consider until they’re gone. 

Mobile Go will download all your photos and videos quickly, and then you can edit them, delete from your camera roll (if you want), and store them in folders on your PC.  You can also transfer media between devices.  There’s Mobile Go for ios and Android plus data recovery software from Wondershare who offer Mobile Go.  So far I have just played with the photo transfer, transferring over 5000 photos on a camera roll with ease and storing them on my PC after deleting the ones I don’t want.  Easy.  Try doing that on your phone or with iTunes.

Plug in your device to your PC, download Mobile Go (there’s a free version if you just have a small amount of content) or it’s about 25 pounds to go for the full version, and you can easily download all of your photos, then edit them as you please and of course store them for back-up purposes.  The software is clear and easy to use.  Read this review by PC World on MobileGo.

You’re never going to use Mobile Go instead of iTunes, but as an added facility it’s excellent, and as PC World says ‘Mobile Go goes where iTunes won’t’ and it definitely does. 

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