Thursday, 12 September 2013

SEO and Search Competition 2013 now the Google Keyword Tool is Gone.

No matter how many other SEO and PPC analysis programs optimisers and search analysts signed up to they all regularly tapped into the quick and easy to use Google Keyword Tool.  Now Google has taken this down, not realising (or not caring) that orangutans are indeed sceptical of changes in their cages and there’s a lot of head scratching – not to mention weeping and wailing – going on.

The new Google Keyword Planner is what we have to work with now or go elsewhere.  Having done a reasonably fast run through of the alternatives, free and otherwise, out there, many of which are so much more complicated than the Keyword Tool I have come back to the Keyword Planner even though for the moment it has some drawbacks.  And I say for the moment as we’re all hoping that this will change.

The advantage of the old Tool was that it was free.  Fast.  Perfect for smaller retailers wanting to do their own keyword research, and offered a list of clear alternative suggestions plus global and local search volumes and competitions. 

The Keyword Planner is free, but you have to sign in with your Adwords account.  There’s nothing you can do about that but as always with Google it makes you feel that big daddy is watching you…..again – and wants you to use Adwords rather than organic search optimisation.  Well no surprises there then.

This is an excellent post, just pre the demise of the Google Keyword Tool, comparing the Google Keyword Tool and Keyword Planner in great detail.

For those who are out there scratching their heads as to what to do next where keyword research is concerned I suggest that you read it, several times, in detail and then spend some time understanding the Keyword Planner so that you can get all the benefits out of it.  It’s still free, after all, other than the emotional cost of having to sign in each time, and as Google’s new baby there will surely be improvements over time, such as the option to ‘show ideas closely related to my search terms’.  Fingers crossed.

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