Thursday, 10 October 2013

5 Tricks to Selling off the Page–The Devil’s in the Detail

Michael Michael Kors Selma Bag in Black and Blue
If you’re searching for one product online, you’ll no doubt find that it’s available on several different websites.  Or hundreds probably.

Michael Michael Kors Selma Bag Model ShotTake buying a handbag online – by a well known brand or otherwise.  Looking at 6 websites all offering Michael Michael Kors’ Selma bag (and having just written about Michael Michael Kors totes at GlamourSleuth I thought I’d stay on track) this is a perfect example of how the competition for selling products online is hotting up, and who the winners are.  And the place you’re most likely to buy from.

The sites are these; Zalando, Net-a-Porter, Selfridges, Harrods, John Lewis and House of Fraser.  None short on budget and all fast growing product movers, whatever you’re looking for.  I’m not going to go through them name by name……. but:

All show you the bag front, back and side and inside, although some interior shots are more detailed than others.

Two show you the bag as held/carried by a real model, and one on a shadow modelMichael Michael Kors Selma Bag Detail Shot

One does not even bother to give you dimensions.  Just the colour and that it is made of leather.

What this really shows is that there is a formula for selling products online, whether they are handbags, dresses, vacuum cleaners, laptops or anything else you can think of.  And the store that takes the most care over the detail will be the winner.  More and more those stores who don’t take the time to get the detail in on every single product will be the losers, as it’s more about a state of mind, and who you allow to direct your product content then what you are trying to sell.  It applies to everything.

Michael Michael Kors Selma Bag Bullet Points
There are no shortcuts to selling products online - the main points are these:

1.  Photograph a product every which way, and make sure that your pictures are very high quality.
2.  Always show interiors (if applicable) and details shots.
3   If selling fashion and/or accessories show them on a real person as well as stills shots.
4.  Give every single detail in bullet points – broken up paragraphs are not so easy to read.  Don’t ever assume that ‘they will know that’ – they probably won’t, and they’ll buy from the place that tells them everything.
5.  Always give dimensions even if you’re showing a product (forget the laptop) on a real person

The main point is that you can never assume that people will know anything, never take any information for granted, and make sure that whoever is creating or updating your content pages really knows what they are doing, both from a descriptive, picture editing and detail point of view.

With the growth of online and the expected continuous growth we will demand more and more detail, better and closer photography until the old expression ‘but I want to see it and feel and touch it’ really isn’t relevant any more.  And that day is just around the corner.
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