Friday, 31 January 2014

5 of the Best Travel Apps - Tried and Tested

As someone who loves to travel but managed to forget her iPad a couple of trips ago, loves to find bargain flights and always wants to know how many $$$ she'll get for her pounds I've put together a list of my favourite travel apps which I use all the time, for flights, train times, currency conversion and where to find my nearest bank/store/movie theatre.

1.  XE Currency Converter
This app does exactly what it says on the tin.  Have it set up on your iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android or whatever you use and you'll always know instantly what rates you should be getting, and how much that new pair of boots will cost, wherever you are.

2.  FlightTrack
Whether it's you taking a trip or your daughter flying off to Milan you can put in as many flights as you want (and this app will help you search for the right flight) and then track them as they take-off, land, or are delayed or worst cancelled.  You can also set up alerts for each flight to tell you what's happening and what gate the flight will land at.

3.  TrainTimes
Not flying but want to know live departure and arrival times of trains in the UK, then download the TrainTimes app from National Rail.  It's incredibly fast and easy to use.  You'll find it in the iTunes Store and also for Android Phones.

This is one of the major flight (and hotel and car hire) comparison sites and it just goes on getting better and better.  I find that the interface is cleaner than some other flight comparison sites, but that's just my preference, and you should check as well to see which you prefer to use, you almost certainly won't find any difference in prices.  Be aware that flights tend to be cheaper in the middle of the week and away from major holidays, and the earlier you can book the better.

5.World Around Me (WAM)
If you want to know what's available immediately around where you are then WAM it with this app which will tell you the nearest pharmacies, doctors, hotels, restaurants, movie theatres, clothes stores, gas stations and more, together with phone numbers, website details and links through to Google Maps.  Rated as one of the best local guide apps by National Geographic Traveller you'll love to take this with you wherever you go.

There are thousands of travel apps - these are just five of my favourites - let me know yours......

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