Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Why you Should Update Blog Posts

Glamoursleuth Blog Updated So you’ve written how many posts?  And each one goes lower down the totem pole as new ones are added.  But… often do you check your analytics and discover that an old post has suddenly attracted interest and is being viewed again daily, by hundreds?

Then think about it.  That old post will probably have reached the top because of the keywords you’ve used, and may well go on doing so.  Which means that everything you said is being read again.  Links are being clicked on that are most likely out of date.  And those reading, who may well not have checked the publication date, will think you completely daft, or unprofessional, or both.

You can make popular blog posts work for you and go on working but you need to update them from both a wording and a link point of view.  It’s well worth the time and effort, particularly on an ‘I’m out of ideas’ day. 

Tips.  Go into your post and make any changes you want at the same time and before you re-publish by changing the publication date, and bring your post back to the top of the totem pole.  If it intrigued, interested and inspired before it probably will do again, and your new readers will be taken straight to one of your most successful posts and drawn in.

Don’t do this with too many of your posts, just those that have the highest number of page reads and interest.  And always tell people that you’ve updated, either in a footnote, or in the title, so that those who read it before will see you’re being entirely honest and not trying to fool them that this is all new.
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