Friday, 21 February 2014

Your LinkedIn Profile – How Not to Connect on LinkedIn - 6 Tips

I received a LinkedIn invitFacebook 2012ation today which I might have been interested in but when I looked at the LinkedIn profile of the person who wanted to connect there were so many things missing I decided not to.  So if you’re on LinkedIn…..just, but really don’t want to have your invitations accepted or join up with past colleagues and possible future employers, this is how to do it.

Don’t bother with a Summary – after all who’s going to read it?  Don’t bother to tell people your background, a bit about yourself and what you do.

Don’t fill in details about your current and past experience in the Background section.  Just put a single line, as briefly as possible, for all current and past activities/positions.  Again, of course no one is going to bother to read it so why do it?

Be as brief as possible about your education.  Really…’s not of interest.

Don’t list your interests, no one wants to know if you like sports/reading/gym/food/films etc.  Would you put it on your resume?  Maybe.  Here?  Forgetaboutit.

Don’t bother to get your personal LinkedIn URL.  You’re there, aren’t you?  So why would you worry about that.  Many others don’t.  Ok it looks good if you don’t have that stupid string of number after your name but who really gives a damn.

Ignore possible Groups to join.  You don’t have much time, you really don’t know why you’re on LinkedIn in the first place and you’re not that interested in hooking up with like minded people so let’s give that another ‘ignore’ tick and move on.

You’re there aren’t you?  You’ve put up your picture and filled in a bit and surely that’s enough for people to be able to read between the lines about you. Why would you want to do anything else.  Who has the time?  So you’ll sit there, month after month, trying to connect and wondering why most people ignore you.  Wouldn’t you?  Ignore you if you saw your profile?  What’s interesting about it after all.  Enough said……..

Here’s how to do it, just in case you’re interested….

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