Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Responsive Design – 5 Reasons Why You Should Change your e-Commerce Website

Marks and Spencer Responsive Design Responsive design means that a website is built in such a way that it offers the same shopping experience across a raft of devices, from PC, to laptop to tablet to smartphone.  In other words, the site is designed to adapt to whatever your are reading it on, but to offer the same information and the same feel.

Shoppers in the UK spent 91bn in the UK in 2013, and this figure is set to be on the rise, with IMRG forecasting a 17% increase in 2014.  Mobile is accounting for more and more of web traffic, diverting it away from PC and laptop.  We shop whenever and wherever, on the train, on holiday, out shopping and we want to be able to browse prices and products with the same brand experience wherever we choose to do it.

5 Reasons why you should change your website to Responsive Design:

1.  Responsive design results in a single URL and no need for redirects.  As a result, it is easier for Google to crawl and more likely to improve your rankings.

2.  It is the best way to design a website that will look beautiful and reflect your brand on any chosen device.

3.  It is as mobile friendly as PC friendly, and with mobile internet usage predicted to overtake PC internet usage in 2014, and 67% of users more likely to buy from a mobile friendly website, there’s no question that this has to be the right move.

4.  Responsive design offers a much better user experience.  Without a website specifically designed to be mobile friendly you are going to lose orders and potentially damage your brand.  We’re used to finding what we’re looking for fast online, and if we don’t we move on.  With the growth and power of mobile purchasing there’s no alternative to re-thinking your mobile strategy if you haven’t already.  The option of ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’, is long past.

5.  SEO is much easier to manage on a responsive design website, as you need to manage one SEO campaign instead of two, saving on management and SEO strategy time.

e-Commerce is more and more competitive, we want the right product at the right price and we want it FAST.  If you want to compete in today’s online market you have to have an attractive, brand conscious website designed to be fully functional and easily navigable whatever the medium used to access it.  Intelligent responsive design offers all of this.

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