Friday, 5 September 2014

Should I Remove it Software Review to Speed up your PC or Laptop
PCs and laptops seem to slow down infuriatingly as time goes on, and you sit there waiting for programs and pages to load.This can be down to a number of different reasons, from malware to cookie overload to memory shortage, but frequently it will be due to software lurking in the background, that you've clicked on by mistake, trialled a while ago and forgotten about, or that was loaded on to your PC or laptop right at the very start that you never asked for and need to say bye bye to.

Click through to your program list and you'll no doubt find software you don't know anything about, and one of the worries is that if you should delete it, what will happen to your computer?  You can of course spend a while going through each program,  looking it up and uninstalling it.  Of you can download Should I Remove It - a relatively new piece of software which is fast, simple to use and does the job it's supposed to excellently. 

Make sure you download this from, and not one of the myriad other sites you'll be offered where frequently it's all too easy to click on yet another download for something you don't want and which you'll later have to remove. And even on this site make sure you click on the right download icon, which is clearly marked.

Save it with a desktop icon, click on it and allow it to do its job, listing all of your software.  You'll see beside each piece of software listed how many stars it has, what percentage of people have deleted it and then you have the option to click on 'what is it', which opens in a new browser to give you more details if you're in doubt, or to click on the 'uninstall' button.

All I can can say is that having used this on both my PC and my laptop, which was running frustratingly slowly, is that I deleted many unwanted pieces of software and both are now running much faster.  So give it a try.  It's an excellent tool.

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