Monday, 29 September 2014

Where to Find the Best Hotel Deals – Travel Pony Website Review

Travel Pony Logo Always looking for the best cheap hotel deals - I only came across hotel booking website Travel Pony recently and have had a good look round, comparing prices of a few of the hotels offered with the proprietary hotel’s website, and also other various booking sites.

There’s no doubt there are some excellent deals here – just for example, luxury lover that I am I created a fake booking at the London Savoy Hotel.  Three nights in October would cost approximately £1,509 on Travel Pony, £2,100 on, and slightly more on the hotel’s own website. 

Cancellation and Payment Rules:
Savoy Hotel Website – You can cancel your booking up to 6pm the day before your arrival.  (different rates may apply for different offers)
Payment on departure. – You can either pay in advance, or select a cancel the day before option which is quite a lot more expensive.  If you pay in advance it is not refundable.  You’ll find these options on many of the hotel booking websites.

Travel Pony -  You can cancel up to 72 hours beforehand for no fee, and if you cancel within less than 72 hours you pay for one night.  However, your credit card is charged straight away so you will be refunded by Travel Pony if you need to cancel.

You won’t find quite the range of hotels as you will on some other hotel booking websites offering ‘cheap hotel deals’, but there are quite enough here, with good location maps and over 3000 destinations worldwide.

Travel Pony is different in that it is social media driven, with their marketing via Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin rather than advertising, so they ask you to sign up using your social media logins (although you don’t have to). So once you’ve booked they ask you to share your experience with Travel Pony to your friends online.  Clever – and they’ll be copied I’m sure, but well worth taking advantage of right now.

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