Friday, 10 October 2014

Two Essential Apps for Getting Around in Paris

Getting to Paris is simple, you fly, or if you can get to St Pancras easily, you take the Eurostar, which brings you out very close to the centre.

Getting round Paris is not so easy unless you’re prepared to jump into a cab every time you want to go somewhere, and that’s not always easy either.  The traffic is mostly terrible, the driving can be scary.

Paris Metro App LogoBy far the best way to get around Paris if you’re going somewhere you can’t walk to is the Metro, which goes usually within an easy short walk of just about everywhere.  So before you leave for your trip download the Paris Metro Map and Route Planner, which makes travelling around simple.

This app will not only give you the Metro map, but you can enter your start station and destination and it’ll tell you which line you need and if you need to change.  Also how long your journey time is likely to be.

One thing to bear in mind where the Metro is concerned is that you can walk for what seems like miles between train and exit, and there are lots of stairs.  Comfortable shoes are mandatory – I’ve learned this the hard way.

My second favourite Paris app is the Ulmon city map of Paris (and many Ulmon Paris City Mapother cities).  The beauty of this app is that once you’ve downloaded it it’s offline, so you can use it from anywhere whether you’re online or not.  You can enter a Metro station name, place name, road or restaurant and instantly see where they are.  Save them as a favourite, click on the tiny Metro cab sign near your destination to see where the nearest station is and what it’s called, and what else is nearby. 

If you have any plans to visit Paris in the near future I suggest you download these two apps immediately.  They’re essential to make getting to your favourite store, restaurant or museum without any stress.  Sephora anyone?

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