Friday, 27 February 2015

The Night Light App You Won't Want to Travel Without

A night light app is something very few of us think about until we need it, and it's likely to be most useful whilst travelling.  This is one I suggest that you download onto your iPhone and/or iPad in readiness for your new trip away, or for kids who don't want to sleep in the dark and don't want to sleep with the door open.  And it's free.

Having just spent some time in New York in a hotel with a brightly lit bathroom but liking just enough light to see at night time (and not wanting to leave the bathroom door open) I discovered this app.  And it's brilliant (excuse the pun).  You can set the night light app to a colour if you want to, I left it white, plugged my iPad in, activated the light and left it on all night.

Here's the link for the app.  I now have it on both my phone and iPad.  It doesn't take up a lot of space and, as I said, it's free.

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