Monday, 21 September 2015

Microsoft Surface Pro 3–How to turn a tablet into a Windows lightweight laptop, and accessorise it for less.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3Having travelled thousands of miles over the past few years with a laptop which, although it worked brilliantly, weighed a ton, I decided to look into other options, and of course there are hundreds, from a MacBook to Lenovo, Asus, Toshiba, Dell etc.

I’m very difficult when it comes to tech.  I want something light with a decent speed and memory.  I want a full size keyboard with Print Screen available and keys that are good for fast typing.  And I want a mouse.  No, not a trackpad, a real movable adaptable mouse.  Trackpads and I don’t get along.

I have Apple with my iPad and iPhone and didn’t really want to move completely, as I like to know what’s going on with Windows, so when I spotted the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 in PC World I shimmied over to it and, after some research back home, decided I would give it a go.  And that’s what I’m writing on today.

This was helped by a 25% off offer from a supplier on Amazon, as I definitely wasn’t going to pay the hefty price at most stores for something which didn’t even include a keyboard (!), and that with the suggested attachable keyboard and my minimum requirement of i5 Intel, 4GB ram would be way over my budget.
Teknet lightweight keyboard and mouse

I initially ordered the Type Cover which is supposed to go with the Surface Pro 3 
but which
I rejected as it doesn’t have the Print Screen function, has a track pad (although you can use a nano mouse) and doesn’t protect the back of the Surface Pro which is also a stand.  As I said, I’m fussy.

After too much time to quantify searching for a lightweight keyboard and mouse combo – UK version – with a nano USB I found this Teknet keyboard and mouse which I’m using now, extremely light, very inexpensive and easy to use. 

Be very careful when looking for keyboards that you get the UK or US version you want.  This has a little front stand and fits perfectly in front of the Surface Pro.  Ok so it doesn’t attach?  So what? And it’s about 20% of the price of the made to measure Type Cover which is a huge saving.
Moko Stand Cover for Microsoft Surface Pro 3
Finally I invested in a MoKo stand cover, which I also have for my iPad and which protects front and back, and to carry everything a superbly lightweight Belkin 14” laptop sleeve which had to be a little bigger to take the keyboard as well.
Belkin 14 inch light laptop sleeve and pocket

Notes about the Surface Pro 3 – it has one 3.0 USB port, however it also has another, which can be used for charging your phone, on the charging block.

It also comes with a pen, which I haven’t worked out fully yet – more about that later probably.

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