Saturday, 7 November 2015

How to Cancel your Times Subscription the Easy Way

Updated November 2015

Many of us now have subscriptions to our favourite newspapers.  It's so easy to pick up your phone or tablet, or sit in front of your laptop and catch up on the news in real time rather than read a physical paper.  I happen to read The Times.

But if you want to cancel your Times Subscription you would think that you could just go online, as you can with most websites and click on a few links.  Not so The Times.  Obviously they don’t want you to cancel……..funny that.

However, as they have increased their prices since launch the original offer (unsurprisingly) I decided to switch.  Searching for the solution to cancelling my subscription, as there wasn’t much on the website itself, if anything, I came across a lot of complaints online.

That's not to say that the Times isn't excellent online, I much prefer being able to read it on everything from PC to iPhone, but it's a pain to have to call rather than click if I want to opt out.

There is an easy way to cancel your Times subscription, of course. 

Just pick up the phone and call 0800 018 5177

Choose the cancellation option you’ll be offered - at time of writing it is option 2 and then option 4 - and within a couple of seconds you’ll be put through to someone who will then, probably and hopefully offer to give you a deal.  Or will help you cancel.  Or will make you an offer to compensate of something like a John Lewis voucher.

Make a note in your calendar when any new offer expires so that you don’t get caught with the price rise later on.

You can also email but frankly it was so quick to call I wouldn’t bother, as then you have to wait for a response.

If you try and use the Live Chat option for this on The Times website they will tell you to call the number above.

It should be much easier to cancel your Times subscription.  But it isn’t difficult.

It also makes you think about all those other subscriptions you might have, where a quick call may benefit in an offer you weren't going to be made unless you decided to leave.  After all, retaining the customer is so much the name of the game.